Azur Drones is a company that has truly taken off in a sector in constant development and benefits from the expertise of its teams and partners.

Our history

  1. Creation

    End of 2012

    Creation of Azur Drones, a drone operator....


  2. Development


    Development of public works activities, R&D and data processing;
    positioning with major prime contractor accounts.


  3. Professional Federation of Civil Drone

     Fédération Professionnelle du Drone Civil

    Azur Drones is one of the founders of the Fédération Professionnelle du Drone Civil (currently chaired by Stéphane Morelli, Managing Director of Azur Drones).


  4. Inter Invest Capital

    June 2016

    Entrance of the Inter Invest Capital investment fund (more than one million euros raised).


  5. Company management

    June 2016

    Jean-Marc Crépin joins the group’s management and teams up with Jean Gagneraud and Stéphane Morelli.


  6. Union of Public Procurement Groupings

    November 2016
    Union des Groupements d’Achats Publics

    Azur Drones wins the national bid and is listed in the UGAP (Union des Groupements d’Achats Publics – Union of Public Procurement Groupings) catalogue.


  7. Fundraising

    December 2016

    Nearly €3.5 million are raised with a major French industrial family.



  8. Flying Eye

    February 2017

    Azur Drones acquires Flying Eye
    • €2 million in funds raised;
    • Launch of the Drones’Guard offer, videoprotection solutions using drones.

    Flying Eye
    • Company founded in 2009
    • Creation of the first Flying Eye training centre in 2013
    • First manufacturer of approved drones in 2015


  9. Think Outside the Box

    April 2017

    The Drones’Guard offer receives the “Think Outside the Box” Award at the Cannes Security Meetings.


  10. Air City Diagnostic

    June 2017
    Air City Diagnostic

    Azur Drones continues its growth and acquires Air City Diagnostic.


  11. Skeyetech

    October 2017

    Acquisition of Skeyetech and new fundraising of € 3.5 million


Acquisition of Skeyetech and new fundraising of € 3.5 million


Our teams

Management team
Jean-Marc Crépin

Jean-Marc Crépin

After more than 20 years in Private Equity (Managing Director of CVC Capital Partners, then of BeCapital inside Cobepa in Belgium) and in finance, Jean-Marc Crépin (ESCP-Europe) joined the world of entrepreneurs with Azur Drones in 2016. His contributions include his network, his knowledge of the markets and the implementation of successful growth strategies in favour of rapid development.
Stéphane Morelli

Stéphane Morelli

Managing Director
Graduated of Saint-Cyr and of ENSTA with an option in imaging, Stéphane Morelli was the commander of a French Army regiment (61st artillery regiment). Expert in military and civilian drones, he founded Azur Drones with Jean Gagneraud and brings his expertise to the company and, more generally, to the world of civilian drones, serving as Chairman of the Fédération Professionnelle du Drone Civil.
Grégoire Thomas

Grégoire Thomas

Managing Director
Grégoire Thomas (SKEMA Business School) founded Flying Eye in 2009, at dawn the development of the UAV market. He ensures strong and fast growth of the company then joined Azur Drones in January 2017 during the acquisition of Flying Eye. He is now General Manager responsible, among others, for commercial development of the group.
Support Team

Support Team

This team ensures the smooth operation and promotion of the company thanks to different profiles in marketing and administrative management, which enrich the corporate culture.
Production Team

Production Team

Our engineers and technicians in mechatronics put all their knowledge in the service of drones: from the drones creation, to the integration of embedded loads. This team is led by Alexandre Thomas, a passionate robotic engineer who founded in 2009 with his brother, Grégoire Thomas, the company Flying Eye, and who joined Azur Drones in 2017.
Acquisition & Analysis Team

Acquisition & Analysis Team

The data acquisition by drones and the processing of the images are carried out by our experts, doctor in Earth Sciences and experienced drones pilots. This team is coordinated by Grégoire Thomas, passionned by photography and images who created Flying Eye in 2009 with his brother before joining Azur Drones.
Drones’Guard Team

Drones’Guard Team

Lead by Charles Gillibert, our experts in videosurveillance by drones find the solution most adapted to your need, to your site.
Operation Team

Operation Team

Yannick Péron brings all his experience in the army, as the head of the army's drone and imagery training center, to the service of the Drones'Guard videoprotection operations. Thanks to a team made up of military experts and experienced telepilots, our interventions are precise and rigorous.
Training and R&D Team

Training and R&D Team

Research doctors and engineers are constantly developing new projects, new and increasingly innovative solutions. This team is managed by Jonathan Terahi, technical engineer and vice-champion of 3D model flight "Category Expert", which is also responsible for the training division of Azur Drones.

A network of partners





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