Community delivery (UGAP)

In partnership with the Union des Groupement d’Achats Public (UGAP – public purchasing office), Azur Drones proposes services dedicated to territorial authorities. This provides immediate and contract-free access by public customers to more than 20 drone-based services.

Communities, public establishments and ministries trust us to inspect their assets and to promote their territories :


  • Site orthophotography
  • Frontage orthophotography
  • Digital surface and/or terrain models
  • Topographic map
  • Land use mapping
  • Vegetation maintenance mapping
  • Reconstitution of non-urban rugged areas
  • Works tracking
  • Coastal erosion mapping
  • Road surface condition
  • Ground signage analysis

Thermal imaging

  • Residential and administrative building thermal diagnostics
  • Ground thermographic detection in urban and non-urban areas

Engineering structure inspection

  • In urban areas
  • In non-urban areas


  • Viewing of rugged urban areas
  • Promotional videos
  • Photography
  • Acquired photo/video processing

Drone-based videoprotection

  • Long endurance with static drones
  • Short-range drone-based patrols