Grids, transportation and energies

Linear network surveillance

(gas, electricity, crude oil)

réseau électrique haute tension

Azur Drones provide cutting edge linear network inspection and surveillance systems (power line inspection, pipeline surveillance, etc.).
A drone is the perfect tool for linear networks :

  • Enhanced inspection efficiency (much quicker than conventional line inspections on foot)
  • Equipment accessibility: our drones can reach places that are inaccessible on foot (vegetation, incline)
  • Increased team safety: drones avoid both the need for overhead work by staff and the use of heavy devices
  • Simplicity and efficiency: with their GPS positioning and altitude hold system, inspection is particularly efficient. Our devices are able to operate in winds of up to 50 kph and can fly close to high-voltage power lines in operation.


Inspection of facilities

(refineries, offshore platforms, electric pylons, GSM antennas, etc.)


A drone is the ideal tool for inspecting facilities; this minimises production down times, rapidly identifies corrosion points or equipment faults and avoids any needless technical staff risks who are generally required to climb onto the structure. This is of particular relevance to the inspection of wind turbine blades or GSM antennas.
Work is thus safe, quick and efficient.


PV farm

Champs PV

Azur Drones has designed a drone solution specifically suited to the thermal diagnosis of solar panels and photovoltaic power plants.

This tried and tested methodology is capable of detecting defective solar panels, and hence renewable energy production losses (thermal images), followed by visual confirmation of potential malfunctions (RGB images).