Inspection and diagnosis for building or engineering structure

Inspection and diagnosis for building or engineering structure

Our drone operations will make it possible to carry out a thermal study of the buildings, a real-time inspection by a remote eye, orthophotography, 3D modeling and surveys of certified geometric surveyor



Building thermal analyses

The external inspection of building thermal performance will allow :

  • Energy audit & diagnosis: identify weaknesses and heat loss
  • Contribution to the energy assessment of your building and roof
  • Ground thermographic detection in urban or rural areas, on solar panels, agricultural fields, etc.
  • Identification of thermal bridges, infiltrations, cracks and leaks.

This is a quick way to implement and economical solution; moreover, all of our reports are drafted by a certified heat engineer in order to guarantee the quality of deliverables.


Real-time inspection

Real-time inspection, or "remote eye", allows you to guide our pilot to inspect specific parts of the building using real-time monitoring via video feedback to a remote monitor.

This quick and economical solution is optimal for the urgent inspection of the health status of an engineering structure or building. Image resolution is very high, up to 0.7 mm.

This inspection is able to detect outer shell damage such as rust formation, concrete cracks, water ingress, concrete spalling, etc.



Orthophotography is an assembly of high-quality photos used to precisely locate the various elements.

This is the optimal solution to diagnose the health status of an engineering structure or building, before performing works or for a counter-assessment.

To-scale orthophotography allows precise distance and area measurements.

We are able to acquire all or part of the building or engineering structure, depending upon the requirements predetermined in collaboration with our teams, and the usable data are then made available on our delivery platform.
For a frontage, this will enable its condition to be extensively inspected, thus facilitating work acceptance and delivery.



3D modelling


A 3D building model represents a major breakthrough in our perception of 3D imaging. By applying HD images to a point cloud, Azur Drones can provide you with an accurate and to-scale representation of your assets :

  • Observance of the structure's proportions,
  • Accurate rendition of even the smallest details (colours, textures, etc.),
  • General inspection of defects and deformations,
  • BIM update (Business Information Modelling),
  • Digital mock-up of the engineering structure,
  • Optimised asset management.



Certified surveyor maps

Azur Drones partners with certified surveyors to create structure elevations and layout maps, generated from 3D data and orthophotography.

  • Rendering precision as required (millimetric or centimetric), according to the type of structure and its use
  • Usable by all trades and on all software
  • The ideal solution for engineering structure and building maintenance.



Analysis report

Azur Drones partners with specialist design offices to conduct standard inspection and structural audits.