Land management

Obtain exhaustive land measurements thanks to our drone-based operations. In this manner, you will have access to all the information required for your land management: centimetre precision mapping, up-to-date plan, building locations, etc. This information is essential for drafting your calls for tenders.

This essential tool will assist you during your work:

  • Land situational analysis,
  • Work progress tracking,
  • Completed work inspection,
  • Communication concerning effective facilities,
  • Lifting of reservations upon work site delivery.



Topographical surveys

Topographical surveys

Drone-based photogrammetry allows you to reconstruct the topography of part of your land.

The high-definition picture is assembled and post-processed, allowing us to generate georeferenced data: orthophotographs, digital terrain models and point clouds.

These data analyse by Azur Drones provide topographical surveys, to calculate topographical changes, or to work site stocks.

Drone data recording can be used to supplement or substitute land surveyor readings. For our customers, this represents a definite economic gain, combined with precise and extensive information validated by a certified partner surveyor.

Whether to identify flooding risks, or to measure the volumes of materials moved, drone-based topographical surveying is an excellent tool.




zoo de thoiry

Orthophotography is the result of the assembly of drone-captured images.

The resulting orthophotograph is then georeferenced for use in all GIS software.

This series of high-quality aerial photos provides an up-to-date and precise vision of land occupation.

It is also the ideal tool for promoting your assets, providing a precious tool to your land asset management.



Digital Surface Model /
Digital Terrain Model



We can produce digital surface models (DSM) from point clouds generated by photogrammetry.

A DSM is a representation of the topography (altitude determination and measurement, altimetry) of all elements within the mapped area (ground, buildings and vegetation).

We process the cloud point, removing all non-ground-based elements to produce a digital terrain model (DTM).

The very high measurement density (number of points per m²) ensures high survey precision and rapid result availability.

3D terrain modelling can be used to project future developments onto the current terrain. Azur Drones uses this technology to support property developers and Public Development Establishments with their projects.



Surveyor map

Surveyor maps enable rapid use of our data in conventional DWG format. Thanks to the point clouds derived from the acquisitions, the surveyor map possesses an exceptional data density. These maps are generated by a certified surveyor. Later you can use these data in your GIS software and AutoCAD.